Lindhaus® Dynamic 380E Eco Force Vacuum Cleaner

Lindhaus® Dynamic 380E Eco Force Vacuum Cleaner

Item # 510-DYNAMIC380

  • Two motor ultra light carpet cleaner. Light handle weight. Ultra strong metal brush supports with bearings. Extremely stable. Accessories integrated on board.
  • Input power (watt): 880; Vacuum mm/H2O: 2300
  • Air Volume (lt/sec): 49; Working capacity sqm/h: 630
  • Thermal/amp safety motor cooling system
Manufacturers Item #DYNAMIC380E

Replacement filter bag on board. Integrated dry cleaning system. Interchangeable roller covers for carpets and floors. Telescopic handle for maximum comfort. No tools are required to replace the brush roller or to clean the base housing. DCS is the patented integrated Lindhaus dry-cleaning system. The mechanical action of the 5000 rpm brush in conjunction with the Lindhaus dry compound provide thorough cleaning which results in soft, fresh, clean carpet. Dynamic has a patented weight distribution system that allows the handle weight to be only 860g (1.9 lbs.)


  • Dynamic is equipped with 6 stages of filtration. At the final stage an electrostatic microfilter (3M Filtrete) ensures more than 98% of filtration efficiency at 0.3 micron.
  • The electronic circuit permits you to correctly regulate the height of brush roll; it allows the motor to start softly while keeping it at constant speed.
  • The motor will stop immediately should the brush roll get blocked, this will avoid damage to the cogged belt and all the moving parts.


  • Two Ply Paper Bag: 4.5 lt.
  • 3M Filtrete Exhaust Microfilter: Standard
  • S-Class HEPA Filter: Option
  • Cogged Drive Belt: Standard
  • Electronic Overload Control: Standard
  • Convergent Bristles Brush RPM: 5000 (g/min.)
  • Cord Length (mt): 10
  • Noise Level (db): 79
  • Total Weight 7,59 Kg
  • Handle Weight: 0,86 Kg