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Occasionally we all run across challenges or just need assistance with something from a pro. We offer many services for pools as well as hot tubs all performed by highly trained professionals that take pride in their work.

Our rates are competitive and we understand that your time is valuable too.

Spa Services .......

Residential Pool Services

Commercial Pool & Spa Services


pool vacuum





FREE Water Testing

As trained water technicians we take the quality of your water very seriously. Bring us a 1/2 liter of water in a sanitary bottle and we will test your spa sanitizer levels, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as well as test for metals. We provide you with a detailed report and simple steps to follow.


Water Testing


Seasonal Closing

If you're not planning on using your spa it's important that it's closed properly to avoid costly damage. We provide services for closing your spa for the winter season.

Need your tub WINTERIZED? We have certified technicians to do it for you the RIGHT WAY! Call us now and avoid the costly repairs later.


Snow Tub


Repairs & Spa Parts

Should you require parts or service to repair your spa whether you purchased it from Sani-Sol or not we’re here to help. We also service Pacific Spas as well as other makes and models. Call us today to book a service appointment.

Jets and Parts


Replacement Spa Covers / Lifters

If you’re in need of a new spa cover we can help. We stock standard sized covers and can custom order covers. We also have spa cover lifters to assist in easy opening and closing.

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Seasonal Opening / Closing

We provide services for opening or closing your pool for the seasons with a variety of options to suit your budget and expertise should you want to do some of it yourself. We've got the best prices in town. Don't be left waiting to get your pool opened or closed.

Download our PDF pdf form below

Pool Opening Form 2019

You can now fill it out online and email it ... or Call, fax or drop it off.

Adobe PDF reader required. Download it here for free.




FREE Water Testing

We have all the latest technology and expertise to assist you. Bring us a 1/2 liter of water in a sanitary bottle and we will test your sanitizer levels, stabilizer, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salt, as well as test for metals. We can also help should your pool be discolored or suffering from an unusual problem. ask us about our 15 Minute Work Week System for maintaining your pool.

Pool Water Testing

Pool Problem Resolution

Have a cloudy, green or a pool that won't hold it's chlorine? We are water chemistry experts with extensive training, the know-how and products to remedy that sick pool. Come on in with a water sample and we will ensure you have a clear, sparkling and enjoyable pool so you can enjoy the summer safely.

Safe Swimming



Pool Safety Covers

We install Pool Safety Covers - the latest in protecting your family, pets and your pool investment. These covers are custom measured for a tight fit, permanently installed for easy removal and install by season. They allow water to run through but debris and dirt to stay out.

Designed primarily with safety in mind, they will support the weight of people, animals and other objects.

Contact us for more info


HPI Pool Safety Covers

Salt Chlorination System Conversion

Want to convert your chlorine pool to salt? We can help with the finest systems from Hayward. We install and show you how easy it is to own a salt-water pool.

Contact us for more info

AquaRite Salt Chlorination System


Pool Maintenance

Need someone to take care of your pool either temporarily or for the summer? We can help with trained professionals. We use your products or supply what you need.

Contact us for more info

Pool Maintenance


Leak Detection & Pool Parts

Should you require parts of service to repair your pool we have what you need and can provide service and/or direction. We also provide under-water leak detection and repair so you don’t have to drain your whole pool to get to the problem.

leak detection

Pool Seminars for Maintenance

We offer periodic seminars on how to open, close and operate your pool easily so you can enjoy it. These are professionally run seminars with pool experts that have years of experience. These usually take place in spring and autumn.


Pool School





Challenges ?

If you’re having a challenge with your pool or spa and need some help, visit our TIPS page for frequently asked questions and tips that we provide.

You can always call or email us.





We offer complete commercial pool and spa products, bulk chemical sales and delivery.


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Indoor Commercial Pool


Bulk Chemical Sales


Professional Tools & Equipment

Parts & Repair

Safety Equipment & accessories

Robotic Cleaning Equipment



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